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Tomorrow, on friday January 10th, the price of the AffilGO Owner Rights will be increased from �?�2 up to �?�2.3. Miggster Owner Rights will be increased from �?�0.5 up to �?�0.61. Make sure to take care of any planned membership upgrades or purchases before then. Tell potential new members to sign up and pay before Friday 23:59 CET. The price is calculated weekly depending on several variables, such as, but not limited to: Network growth Bonuses paid Projected short and long term future growth Types of memberships sold This is done in order to offer a balance between a great deal for early backers such as yourself and a fair return in the future when the Affiliate residual revenue is paid out to Owner Rights holders. The main purpose of the Owner Rights is to distribute the profits to the right people, You, who are building this fantastic venture.

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